Luton is home to over 1,400 Scouts - a family of girls and boys from the age of six who enjoy life changing adventure every week...

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This is a web site like no other. It expects you to be as inquisitive as any of the 1400 Scouts and Leaders who enjoy the fun, adventure and challenge of Scouting every day of the week in Luton.

Look out for the unusual news item that takes you into the secret world of our 10-year olds. Click on the odd-looking image in our gallery page and enter a video world you did not know existed.

There’s a Local Activities page that is more than just an advert. It delves into the fascinating history of the locations and why we like them. They are all within a half hour car drive of Luton.

Today’s News Highlights

13th November  Calling all Explorers and Leaders who want a challenge. Fozzy Foster will be at Ross Park, Applecroft Road   at 7.30pm to brief you on the rigours of the Southern 50 hike and invite you to take part.


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The Scout Association award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouts as young people.

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