District Teams…

Luton is divided into two districts, Icknield District and Falkes District a merger of Someries District and Lea Valley District in 2016.

Icknield District

  • District Commissioner: Martin Wesley
  • ADC Beavers: c/o Martin Wesley
  • ADC Cubs: c/o Martin Wesley
  • ADC Scouts: James Hinkins
  • DESC: Nick Jarman
  • NSC: Graham Baker
  • Young Leader Contact: Teresa Loughbrough
  • Training Manager: Teresa Loughbrough
  • SAS Manager: c/o Martin Wesley
  • District Chairman: Rex Horton
  • District Secretary: Jan Gilkinson
  • District Treasurer: Sue Horton
  • District Badge Secretary: Gill Wareham
  • District Scout Shop Manager: Cynth Sutherst
  • Join Request: Alan Goodman

Falkes District

  • District Commissioner: Mark Webb
  • Dep District Commissioner: Adrian Kedge
  • ADC Beavers: c/o Mark Webb
  • ADC Cubs: Adrian Samm
  • District Cub Leader: Debbie Baker
  • ADC Scouts: Mick Jones
  • DESC: c/o Mark Webb
  • DNSC: c/o Mark Webb
  • Young Leader Contact: Amy Clews
  • ADC Activities: Peter Crowson
  • ADC Development: Liz Burnham
  • Training Manager: Geoff Wright
  • SAS Manager: Alan Goodman
  • District Chairman: Denise O’Hara
  • District Secretary: c/o Denise O’Hara
  • District Treasurer: David Sutherst
  • District HQ Bookings: Norma Farish
  • District HQ Manager: David Farish
  • Dist Badge Secretary: Jane Angell
  • Dist Scout Shop Manager: Cynth Sutherst
  • District Media Manager: Gerald Law
  • Join Request: Alan Goodman

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