Young Leader Modules

The modules of the Young Leaders’ Scheme are just some of the exciting programme elements in the Explorer Scout section.

Module A – Prepare for take-off!
Module B – Taking the lead.
Module C – That’s the way to do it!
Module D – Understanding behaviour.
Module E – Game on!
Module F – Making Scouting accessible.
Module G – Programme plans
Module H – Programme plans plus
Module I – What did they say?
Module J –This has now been merged with Module G.
Module K – First Aid master class.  

Young Leader Awards
A Young Leader belt buckle and adult badge.
The Young Leader certificate.

Young Leader Coordinator Falkes: Amy Clews
Young Leader Coordinator Icknield: Teresa Loughbrough

 Scout Association Young Leader Scheme: https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search/?cat=9,98,372 

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