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St George’s Day (Virtual) Celebration Sunday 26th April 2020

Date: 26th April 2020 Location: Luton Scouts Facebook Page Sections: Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Adult Volunteer, Adults

St George’s Day (Virtual) Celebration Sunday

26th April 2020     3pm

With St George’s Day approaching fast and the reality that we will not be able to get together in person.

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At 3pm on Sunday 26th April, there will be a video released, which was produced by members of the town, to say a few words but, more importantly, to renew our promise.

On top of this, we are suggesting that in preparation for the event, members put on their uniform and have someone take a photo or video of them renewing their promise. This should be done prior to the event.

Parents of young members should send the video to their section leader. From this point it is down to the group as to whether you wish to send the files to your GSL or the Section leader sends them themselves.

When passing the information on to the parents please make sure they are aware of the following specifications:

– The video/ photo MUST be landscape (horizontal) or they will not be accepted

– The smaller the file size the better, if you just record it on a smartphone this is nothing to be worried about

– A Scarf must be worn as an absolute minimum but Uniform is a preference

– Only a selection of these videos will be used so please don’t be disappointed if yours is not used.

– The deadline for submitting these videos is 22nd April 11:59PM to the Luton Team via your section leader. It is advised that you get your files to your leaders prior to that to avoid disappointment.

– Please ensure that the background of the photo or video is something that the parent is happy with and does not include identifying objects for example: identifiable front doors/ door numbers, school uniforms, family pictures etc.. as this will mean we will be unable to use the footage.

These videos will be compiled by a member of the Luton Scouts Media Team and put into the St Georges day video that will be shared on the Luton Scouts Facebook page (primarily) and possibly further. There is a possibility that the video is also shared to YouTube so non-Facebook members can still view the event.

For the leaders, if you have any photos you would like to send in of your activities this year, they will be greatly appreciated. You can either email them in or upload them to the same link sent out in a separate email.

Safeguarding and permissions

I’m sure most of you have permissions in place for posting stuff on social media but if not, you’ll need to have this in place.

This would be an awesome thing to achieve and to give us all a little bit of normal in a tough time. Please do get involved, get your younger members involved and show the world that Scouting in Luton is fit and well.

If you have questions please email: or use the website

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