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Coronavirus Guidelines

UK Scout HQ (Covid-19 Latest Guidance)

HQ advise that our youth sector remains Red*   (Review 20th Nov 2020) Local Area Restrictions Level for Luton: High* (Review 20th Nov 2020)

Measures are required to comply with Covid-19 guidance (see below).
No camping or residential activities. No Face to Face Activities.

  • Guidance and Support (Review 13th Nov 2020) (FAQ’s)*
  • Guidance: Getting everyone back together safely (Guidance Support Documents for Leader, Commissioner, Executive, Parents )*
  • Tools to help with your risk assessments (Additional Resource)*
  • Getting your section back together safely*
  • Planning a safe and enjoyable programme*
  • Face to Face Risk Assessment: Guidance*, Form V2*, Smart Sheet*, HQ Webinar*
  • The readiness levels across UK Scouts (Review 20th Nov 2020)*
  • Groups with own venue print QR code for members over 16 click here*
  • The Scouts Framework – for face to face activities*
  • UK Scout Webinars*
  • Luton

    Consider reassuring parents and the public with signs advising details.
    The situation can change very quickly. Keep up to date with Scouting communications from HQ, County and District.
    You can do this via the Luton Scout Website.

  • Scout Approver Checklist*
  • Falkes Scout District Covid-19 Guidance
  • Safe Return Face To Face*
  • Falkes District Section returning F2F Generic Letter for Parents*
  • Risk Assessment Guidelines*
  • Submit Risk Assessment to Risk Assessment Covid Approver Team*
  • Icknield Scout District Covid-19 Guidance
  • Risk Assessment Guidance*
  • Submit Risk Assessment to Risk Assessment Covid Approver Team*
  • Council & Government

  • Luton Council Coronavirus Latest Guidelines*
  • NYA Coronavirus Latest Guidelines
  • Gov.uk Face coverings: when to wear one, exemptions, how to make your own*
  • Government local area restrictions postcode checker*
  • Local Area Restrictions Level PDF Files: Medium* High* Very High* 
  • Legionella Managing water risk

  • HSE Gov*
  • Scout HQ*
  • Contact

    To contact the Enquiry Co-ordinator on enquiries@lutonscouts.org.uk*

    Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
    Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls