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Adult Training

Remember to discuss your training needs with the District Training Manager (DTM) and Training Advisor (TA)

The Complete on Line Learning Materials and Training Modules:

Adult Training Scheme*

  • First Modules (1-4) are carried out at district level, with a trainer, on line learning,
  • Module 5 is completed on line
  • Other modules are organised by the county.

Module 1 Essential Information*

Module 1E Essential Information for Exec Member*

Module 2 PLP Workbook (To be completed with Training Adviser)

Module 3 Tools for the Role (Section Leaders)*

Module 4 Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters)* 

Module 5 The Fundamentals of Scouting (only completed on-line by e-learning)*

Other Mandatory training modules are organised by County.

Book County Courses*

All adults in Scouting holding a Leaders, Managers or Supporter Appointment are also required to renew every 3 years, the following:

1st Response Mod 10 County*
(For District 1st Response course, check with your District Training Manager)
Ongoing Training – 5 hours each year.

HQ Resources*

Headquarter Training Scheme Resources Link*

Other Scout Association Training

Appointments Advisory Committee Training Module 37*

Headquarters GDPR training*

Resources for the Leadership and Management Training*

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls