Luton Town Remembrance Service

Date: 13th Nov 2018 Author: Gerald Law
North, South, East, West and Central Luton witnessed scouts in may different venues.

Luton Scouts have been remembering them who did not return or were wounded in conflicts with Sell 7th taking pride of place on the steps of Luton Town Hall as they have every year for many decades.

Emily Baker
Armistice day- 100 Year 1918-2018 Luton Town Memorial

At 10 o’clock at the designated meeting spot quickly filled with buzzing scouts from across the two districts getting ready for the parade to begin.

As I snapped their smiley faces you could see they were excited with a hint of anticipation for some as it was their first time walking down the town centre with all eyes on them. As they took their places ready for the parade and the flag bearers and wreath placers travelled to the front, I ran around getting as many photos as possible.

With lots of silly ones to raise the spirits of the younger ones in the group.

At roughly quarter to 11 we began to walk. All of the scouts and leaders walked respectfully and in sync with each other, and as I weaved in and out trying to capture the sombre march to the memorial. I could see how large the crowds around us were and realised just how much of a community spirit we have in our town. As we arrived at the memorial and huddled into our spot and the clock chimed, the first post was played and the silence began.

Everyone stood still and silent. You could feel the power of a busy town standing, putting their busy life on hold for the 2 minutes of contemplation for those who gave so much for us to have so much.

As the ceremony continued we heard speeches from the pillars of our community and songs from the children that hold it together. It really was a powerful and at times almost overwhelming day. As we paraded out of the centre we were met by applause by the public and the pride of what we had just participated in filled everyone with glee. And as I sprinted from one end of the presentation to the other to get snaps of everyone passing from the top of market hill. I saw the full extent of the community spirit that is ripe in Luton.

Thanks to all those who attended, it really was a perfect way to honour those who fell 100 years ago.
Photo’s: Emily Baker
Article: Emily Baker

Stephen Avis
Armistice day- 100 Year 1918-2018 Stopsley Memorial
Today around 150 people gathered around a memorial that commemorates 63 people who lost their lives over both world wars. We gathered to remember them and all the others who lost their lives for our benefit.

We send our thanks to David from St Thomas’s church who led our service today.The people present today came from all over the globe representing different countries and different uniformed organisations.
We will remember them.
Photo’s: Stephen Avis
Article: Stephen Avis

Pictures by:
Emily Baker,
Stephen Avis
Christine Greener
Brian Andrews
Nickie Person

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls