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SAS Infiltrate Code Breakers

Date: 3rd May 2019 Author: Gerald Law

Members of the Falkes SAS visited Bletchley Park, once the home of the Code Breakers such as Alan Turin and Bill Tutte and others who played a most important part of WW2 and also told the story of how intelligent and secrets grow before WW1.





The mixture of rooms and history including Enigma, Lorenz and Bombe.
A great day out for most ages and the tickets allow free entry for up to a year. A great visit for all sections.





Introduction to Scout Active Support

Scout Active Support allows people to give their time to Scouting on a flexible basis. It is a way for adults to volunteer time to Scouting in a flexible way that suits them.

There is no requirement to have been involved in Scouting before joining. All that is required is a willingness to volunteer some time to support Scouting. People can still be involved in Scouting without the full-time commitment of being a leader. The SAS is open to anyone over the age of 18 with no upper age limit.

Section leaders can find membership an advantage because you can mix with your peers, experienced ex leaders in a social or an activity to share knowledge, advise and friendship.

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