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Scouting Blast at Gilwell Scarefest 2019

Date: 20th Dec 2019 Author: Gerald Law

Thousands of Scouts met at Gilwell Park this October, celebrating Halloween with Scarefest, one of the most popular scout camps ever. After they had set up, the young people relaxed around the campfire, ate marshmallows and did some skits; then went to bed so they were ready for activities the next day.
The following day they were joined by more scouts setting up camp. Everyone was given coloured lanyards for young people and adults to guide them to appropriate adventures.
Following the official camp opening, a number of activities got under way. There was laser quest, cave experience, high ropes, dodgems, the twister, 3G swing, archery, rifle shooting, circus skills, climbing, go karts, an obstacle course and many other activities that the scouts could take part in.
The high ropes consisted of four activities: the leap of faith, the high all aboard, free fall and Jacobs ladder. I will tell you about one: The leap of faith involved climbing up to over 30 feet and jumping off a platform to try and reach a metal bar suspended in the air. Most of the scouts were able to reach the bar with ease.
When six o’clock came around, the Halloween monsters broke loose. Four Halloween mazes were set up, and the scariness inside them came to life. In the lost lagoon there were plenty of surprises. The best way I found of getting through the maze was to make fun of the actors so you wouldn’t get scared. Walking round the forbidden forest meant being ambushed by all sorts of creatures, some with hammers banging on the wall and others that shook the fences or jumped out at you from behind corners It wasn’t just the mazes that got you scared, lots of people brought costumes, including clown masks, and some of them were pretty frightening.
At 10.30pm the finale began and it was quite a blast. There were fireworks going off in time to the music, while blasts of fire and jets of coloured water were a magnificent sight. While the show was going on, we were surprised to discover that it was Gilwell Park’s 100th birthday. So, it was Happy Birthday Gilwell, and a very Happy Halloween to all those taking part!
Article by Katrina (A Scout) Pictures Hannah (Leader)

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Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls